Common ICBC Claim Mistakes

Combatting your ICBC claim to achieve the settlement amount you deserve does not happen overnight. Your ICBC claim process can take months to effectively inspect the situation, communicate with all parties involved and to negotiate a proper case settlement amount. Cases can last much longer if they require court dates. Making mistakes in your behaviour or with what you say can lead to serious issues with your claims. Without the services of an experienced ICBC lawyer, your claims process can be difficult and very stressful.

The ICBC looks to provide legal settlements, with as little as possible loss to the organization. While your professional ICBC lawyer looks to make sure that your current, as well as future needs are fully met with a truly fair compensation amount. A personal injury lawyer with experience in ICBC claim disputes can help make sure you are not taken advantage of by lacking legal understanding or fast settlement offers. Utilize a professional attorney to avoid these common ICBC claim mistakes.

Signing ICBC Forms
When you are in a collision you are only obligated to report the situation and fill out an Accident Benefit Claim form. This is to apply for Part 7 No Fault Benefits. You are in no way obligated to meet with an adjuster or to provide a signed statement. Providing a signed statement can be used later in the settlement negotiation process, with misspoken words or other suspect facts scrutinized to lessen your claim legitimacy and the settlement amount. If a statement is required, you are able to sit with your lawyer to draft a signed statement and send that statement to the ICBC. This helps prevent what you say from being used against you down the line.

Not Seeing A Doctor
You need to see your doctor after you are injured. Regular doctor visits and evidence that your following the doctorÕs advice is also key to proving the serious nature of your injury. If you forgo the visits or the advice, the ICBC can question how serious the injury truly is or how badly you want and or need to get better. Make sure you keep up with your doctor visits to ensure your health and the health of your claim.

Misfiling Medical Receipts
Your claim will force the ICBC to cover your physiotherapy, doctor-related and several other treatment needs, though only if you have receipts for the visits. Your spoken word is to enough to receive the reimbursement. Misfiling these receipts can lead to a serious decline in your final settlement amount.

Discussing The Situation Online
Your social media usage should be limited if not forgone during your ICBC claim process. Showcasing pictures or information that youÕre able to fully experience your day-to-day life or hobbies can force your claim and injuries to seem less serious. The ICBC can look through your social media history since the situation and use this information against you. As a minimum effort, make sure you max-out your privacy settings during your claim process.

Lying To Your Doctor Or Attorney
Do not lie to your doctor, the ICBC or your attorney. Lying to your doctor can result in mislead treatment plans and wrongful medications that can both lead to prolonged injuries and further health issues. Lying the ICBC and or your ICBC lawyer will come about during the dispute process and can lead to much less claim legitimacy. Lies regarding the incident can put your claims and your health in serious danger.