Have you been contacted by someone offering to rent or sell your timeshare? If so, here s a few things you should know. Even though it is true that attempting to rent or sell your timeshare will cost you money  regardless of who does it, here are some key  things to look for:

1 How long will your payment last before they ask for more money?

2 Are they being too pushy or pressuring you to do something RIGHT NOW?

3 Are they willing to drop their price as soon as you say no?

4 Are they licensed and bonded to do the type pf work they are charging for?

5  Do they represent themselves as a marketing firm or realtors?

6 Do they have a decent reputation online?

7 Are they willing to send you any print material?

8 What is their niche?

9 Are they willing to take a portion of their fee after the job is done?

10  Does their website look like they have spent some money on It or does it look like something that someone can do on their own overnight?

11 Are they willing to answer your questions to your satisfaction even if you are just looking for info right now?

It’s never an easy thing to trust someone you are speaking to over the phone or even in person when it comes to timeshare. Thinking back to when you bought it, I’m sure that you have already discovered that it’s not as easy to use as your sales person explained and that your he or she n isn’t going to actually help you rent it like they promised. Yes my friend, you are truly on your own when it comes to renting or selling your timeshare.

So, what now? Well, your kind of on your own and will have to find a refutable company that will assist you throughout the whole process. Out of all the companies that we have researched, by far we recommend Better Business Lodging for this type of service. They have a very knowledgeable staff and excellent customer service. By logging on to their website, it’s clear that they have cut no corners when it comes to presentation and they have lots of informative videos on their site that were able to answer a lot of my questions before even speaking with them.

Whether you are looking to rent your timeshare or sell your timeshare, there is not many options out there for you. Realtors won’t work with it and money upfront is inevitable regardless of who it goes to. Take your time and do your research. Be careful of companies that are constantly changing their name as if there was something to hide. Also be wary of salespeople telling you everything they think you may want to hear. Nothing is perfect so they should not make it sound that way.