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The Official Axilogy ACT Test Prep and Courses

One of the coolest parts of our SAT prep program is Axilogy Prep Online, our personalized, online learning environment.

With The Official Axilogy ACT Prep Online, your son or daughter has 24/7 access to:

  • Thousands of detailed video lessons on how to approach ACT problems.
  • Personalized video lessons to help improve areas of weakness
  • An interactive vocabulary builder with hundreds of common ACT test words.
  • Full-length, practice tests ACT-endurance practice to build confidence for test day.

Before you know it, you’ll see scores go up and stress come down!

Why Our SAT Test Prep Really Works

In contrast to most SAT prep programs, Axilogy uses a proven mix of instruction strategies, independent learning, online resources and SAT practice tests.

Ones size does NOT fit all. We understand that every student learns at a different pace and we take this into consideration.

Our comprehensive approach ensures that kids not only learn strategies for tackling every type of exam question (including the essay portion of the SAT), but they also can focus on the specific skill areas they need to improve.

With our in-class SAT prep, your teenager can take full advantage of: 

Personalized on-demand practice

  • Practice tests and more:

8 official full-length practice tests, plus study and test-taking tips

  • A tailored practice plan:

We’ll import your PSAT/NMSQT results and pinpoint your areas for practice

  • Interactive practice:

Thousands of practice questions, video lessons, and hints

  • Instant feedback:

Get constant feedback and progress so you know where you stand

ACT course

Private Instruction From A Qualified Tutor: 

Our tutors are trained with a level of rigor and precision you’d expect from a Navy SEAL while teaching with empathy. All instructors are go through an intensive 50 module training learning the many different approaches to learning. Instructors break down each the theories into four parts:

  1. short historical introduction,
  2. discussion of the view of knowledge presupposed by the theory,
  3. account of how the theory treats learning and student motivation, and finally,
  4. overview of some of the instructional methods promoted by the theory is presented.

Here are some of the topics included in tutor training framework 

Learning: Theory and Research
Overview of Learning Theories
Cognitive Constructivism
Social Constructivism
Neuroscience and How Students Learn
Cognitive Science: Memory and Learning
Anthropology: Situated Learning in Communities of Practice
Psychology: Motivation and Learning
Education: Organizing the Learning Process
Education: Learning to Think in a Discipline 

SAT Peek Week Bootcamp

 Intense Bootcamps Guaranteed To Boost Mental-Toughness

But if you can make it through, you’ll be ready to tackle your test like a pro. 

You’ll get:

  • 2 hours of intense online practice
  • Rigorous training on Axilogy strategies
  • An understanding of the impact a higher score can have
  • Hands-on exam walkthrough
  • Experience with the most difficult questions
  • Work on time management, mindset, and endurance 

The inside scoop on the SAT. Free and exclusively from Axilogy. 

For the first time ever, Axilogy is giving you exclusive access and advice to build a personalized practice program for anyone, anywhere.

These tools are free and available now for every student to take ownership of their learning and their future.

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Check out our overview of Official ACT Practice video to get a sense of the student experience.

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