What are the new tools for student work?

When thinking about students and stereotypes of all types that staff with them, they incessantly turn around the shelves of university libraries, notepads and pencils by hand, searching for books containing information that they need to compose their assignments with… But those stereotypes seems to be least in front of the new students’ work tools, the pedagogical tools, that are, most of time, the online work tools !

Research on the Internet and Collaborative Platforms

Obviously, Internet is now the main students’ working tool ! Besides, concerning the fact of gathering different knowledge with the purpose of writing an assignment, a memory, they always type the key words of a topic in their computer in order to learn more from it. Often, actually, they take note of some reference sites detaining the needed information or some book references…

Nowadays, the main pedagogical tool of a student is internet and in fact, there are some online tools that they used to work with :

  • Online encyclopedias: a real information basis, they allow you to make a self-update in record time
  • Collaborative work platforms, permitting students to work collectively!
  • Translation tools, useful when dealing with documents in English, in German.
  • A tool for analysis, text processing, Resoomer!

Resoomer, an online learning tool, ideal for students

There might be multiple ways to do research, but there should be fewer when thinking about synthesizing their results, analyzing one by one, those tens, hundreds of web pages, in order to retain the main points.

Nowadays, it is within one’s reach to find an online work tool that satisfies your need of synthesizing texts, articles, in summary your research on the Internet : Resoomer an  article summarizer !

This Chrome extension, the only one of its sort, allows you to save time by just copying and pasting your documents into Resoomer, realizing your text analysis in a few seconds.

No longer will you have to take several minutes becoming long hours on summarizing, bringing out the main ideas of your articles, your web pages, the whole documents, founding the basis of research. You significantly increase your productivity.

Consequently, Resoomer remains the most adjusted students online work tool, the only one to be required in the course of the months, the Chrome extension that you will always keep open in your browser during working sessions, without what you